6 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Customer Food Delivery Experience

In this step-by-step guide, we’ve outlined some tried-and-true strategies that have been proven to work in order to improve the customer experience for existing customers as well as to make a great first impression on new customers when buying your products via delivery, and here are 6 tips for your to improve customers food delivery experience.

1. High-quality food presentation

When you’ve reached that stage, the taste of your food is the most important thing. A recent study found that 68% of diners reported that food quality was a major factor in choosing a restaurant. With so many people looking for delicious food, your restaurant should always prioritise the quality of the food’s taste. Even though your food delivery customers may think that eating together in their living room is elegant, good food and high-quality presentation are still very important. Positive restaurant service leaves a lasting impression and can turn into good online reviews; this will have an impact and stabilises your income.
Researchers from Hospitality Insights found that customers are looking for international cuisine and healthy food options, but other consumer trends are worth considering as well.

2. Professional website design & photos

As you maintain high standards for your food, you should also have high standards for aesthetics and presentation on your website, social media, and menu. One of the best ways to stand out from the competition is by presenting high-quality food and brand aesthetics online. A great place to start is by shooting professional-looking photos of your restaurant and menu items. Using OrderPin can help you to have an informative digital menu and you can enter more than one photo of your product per product.

3. Improve customer experience with fast delivery

When people order your food online, they want convenience, which is why fast delivery should be a top priority for your restaurant. One way to ensure you provide the most efficient food delivery service is to streamline your restaurant operations with a third-party food delivery platform. When you use an online food ordering platform, Orderpin can be integrated and help you serve food for delivery customers faster. Designed to make your operations more efficient, Orderpin can handle all difficulties in online delivery. Online delivery platforms compared to traditional telephone ordering, result in higher accuracy and less time is spent on the process of managing orders. Therefore, every time your customers order online, they can expect the best in convenience, accuracy, and speed to their destination.

4. Offer special promotions

According to several studies in 2022, 69% of customers stated that loyalty programs provide incentives for them to visit restaurant more often. That’s why your restaurant should partner with a third-party food delivery platform. Along with increasing your online presence, third-party food delivery platforms can offer online promotions as well as improve your online customer experience and attract new customers. For example, the GoFood third-party food delivery platform offers payday promo, which allows you to offer lower prices to customers.
Another way to create additional revenue streams is by advertising on online delivery service providers’ platforms. Through this method, your restaurant will be featured on the first page or at the top of the main page. This program is designed to drive the visibility of your business which can increase your food delivery sales.
Another option is to offer promotions directly through your restaurant, such as exclusive offers on delivery. Special promotions can encourage more online orders or increase sales during normally quiet hours. Finally, combining a loyalty program with rewards can help drive more repeat customers and will increase your restaurant’s financial security and your ability to grow your business.

5. Give customers more choices

The more flexibility you give your customers, the more likely they will return and generate a consistent turnover of loyal customers. According to a survey conducted by Hospitality Insights, customers seek maximum convenience when ordering delivery via online platforms. Keeping this consumer trend in mind, restaurant managers should consider the process of customers ordering online. Look at the big picture, starting with hours of operation. If customer data supports it, consider expanding your hours and days of operation of the week, which will give customers more opportunities to order from your restaurant.
Another way to meet consumer demands for convenience is to experiment with different menu options such as cutlery for delivery orders. Since you already have all the ingredients, it will take very little effort to offer this on your menu to your customers. You can include unique cutlery as a weekly special along with other seasonal menu items. Taking lessons from popular restaurants, you can also sell merchandise like cookbooks, clothing, and other items to create additional revenue streams while increasing brand awareness. Finally, restaurants can combine items together to create packages or include packages for customers who order large quantities.

6. Analyze customer data

Apart from taking into account business trends in general, observe the food delivery trends in your restaurant and turn it into a marketing reference. Analyze food delivery patterns such as the most popular menu items, busiest hours, and other trends. Through Orderpin, you can get detailed sales reports when you open the report page. The report page also displays a sales summary based on the selected time. Translate and study your findings and try to incorporate some new strategies to improve your restaurant’s customer service.
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