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Advantages of White Label POS

Brand Recognition

Personalized White Label Cloud POS—— allowing you to promote your brand beyond just adding your logo to software and hardware.

Save Money And Time

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Control Pricing

Once you have the power to control the pricing, you can ensure your profit.

Secondary Revenue Stream

Owning your product enhances control over revenue streams, while white labeling allows you to quickly and cost-effectively add new offerings.

Easy Startup

Starting a business alone is challenging with endless tasks like marketing, sales, and management. A white label Cloud POS system lets you begin with sales and build from there.

Customer Retention

Serving existing customers well with good technical support helps them succeed and increases the likelihood of renewals, boosting your user base growth.

Why Choose OrderPin White Label POS

Offer additional services on a proven platform with our turn-key solution

We have invested substantial resources to perfect our white-label program, enabling you to enjoy immediate benefits upon delivery. Our experienced team is dedicated to offering comprehensive support at every stage. From start to finish, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure a seamless and successful implementation.

In-Depth Training and FAQ Database

During the development of our application, our team will have complete access to a comprehensive library of training videos and a demo account. These resources are provided to help us familiarize ourselves with the product, improve our knowledge efficiently, and ultimately maximize sales and enhance customer service.

What OrderPin Can Offer

Dedicated Support

Our team is wholly dedicated to delivering top-notch assistance under your brand’s name. Whether you need technical guidance, troubleshooting, or general inquiries, our support experts are available to provide prompt and reliable assistance.

Promote Your Own Brand

Ensure consistent brand identity both internally and externally. Merchants will never be redirected to a site that does not reflect your brand when logging into their Super App or Office backend. Your App and virtual office are fully branded from the start to offer a seamless and cohesive experience.

OrderPin White Label POS


Countries Covered


Restaurants Served


Daily Orders

Based on AWS, OrderPin Cloud POS has unprecedented flexibility and on-demand scalability, supports integration with self-delivery systems, delivery platforms, payment service, accounting software, etc., and is more widely compatible with various types of hardware such as PAX, Sunmi, iMin, Xprinter, EPSON, etc.


Collaboration Mode

OrderPin can be your reliable partner whether you’re looking to become a dealer under OrderPin POS or customize your own.

OrderPin POS Dealer

Consider using the OrderPin brand to sell your products and provide services to merchants.

Whitel Label POS

Empower your business by building a strong brand and channel that's uniquely yours. And with a larger share of transaction commissions, your success is truly limitless.

About Us

We are a diverse team with a passion for innovation and powerful software development capabilities.

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Our Advantages

All-in-One POS

Feature-rich, tailored for different restaurants

0% Commission

Year subscription mode, no transaction fees nor hidden fees

All Devices Supported

Support Android tablets, phones, handheld devices, iOS, and other compatible devices

Incredible Pirce

The price may be more competitive than you think

FAQs about White Label POS Software

What is white label POS?

A white label POS service is a customizable point of sale system developed by one company and rebranded by another, allowing the reseller to offer it as their own product without investing in its development.

What is white label POS in a restaurant?

A white-label POS system in the F&B industry provides a customizable, ready-to-deploy solution that helps businesses manage their operations efficiently while maintaining their unique brand identity.

What is a white label POS service?

1. Customization: The original POS system can be rebranded with the reseller’s logo, colors, and other brand elements, making it appear as if the reseller developed it.
2. Core Features: It includes essential POS functionalities such as transaction processing, inventory management, customer management, sales reporting, and sometimes additional features like loyalty programs and employee management.
3. Industry-Specific Adaptations: The system can be tailored to specific industries, such as retail, hospitality, or food and beverage, to meet the unique needs of those sectors.

What are white label POS examples?

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