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Our Services

Orderpin POS

Whether you are a merchant or a distributor, Orderpin POS's innovative and rich functions help you succeed.

KIOSK Solution

KIOSK solution works with your current system seamlessly, reducing manpower costs with a very small investment.

Whitel Label POS

A feature-rich and mature white-label cloud POS software aid you increase revenue and profits.


We provide customized services to meet your unique needs based on our existing mature products.

About Us

OrderPin is a multinational catering software company that is based on Amazon’s AWS cloud computing and has invested over 1,000 person-months of software engineers to develop cloud POS, ordering solutions, CRM systems, etc for restaurant merchants. 

Orderpin provides 10+ language versions and works in any country at a very fast speed. Ordering has rich functions and works very stable, it has been used by thousands of restaurants for several years. Orderpin also has rich experience in integrating different payment gateways and food delivery platforms from many countries.

Whether you looking for a POS brand and to be its dealer, find KIOSK self-service ordering solutions, or even customize your own brand’s POS, Orderpin is your suitable partner. 

What Our Clients Says?

”We have 2 floors and 40 tables, OrderPin QR ordering system allows users to place orders by theirselves to reduce waiters from 7 to 5. The salary saved 15,000USD per annum has become the restaurant's net profit.”
Lai Foong Lala noodles,Kuala lumpur, Malaysia
“Orderpin helps us transfer some first-visit customers to loyalty users through its points, e-voucher membership system. help us raise 25% revenue in anniversary activity.”
Shudaxia Hotspot, Toronto,Canada
“We use Orderpin to build our online ordering service to customers instead of food delivery platforms. Help us save on high commissions drawn by food delivery platforms.”
India Bistro,Dubai,United Arab Emirates

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