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How to start with OrderPin Cloud POS

The OrderPin Cloud POS system is compatible with Android, iOS, and Web platforms.
Contact OrderPin experts to get an account license for your restaurant. Then download the OrderPin App or enter OrderPin web backoffice to make the initial configurations: Menu, table, hardware integration, Store setting, Inventory setting, and so on. The initial configurations are easy to be finished within hours.

No matter what kind of existing smart devices you have, OrderPin is compatible with them. You can run the OrderPin system on your Android tablet, Android-based POS terminal, Android handheld, IOS tablet, iPhone, and Windows browser.
And the OrderPin system can run on multiple devices at the same time, flexibly responding to any type of restaurant business scenario.

The OrderPin app is compatible with Android devices running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher, as well as iOS devices running iOS 12.1 or higher.
This means that you can install and use OrderPin on a wide range of Android smartphones and tablets, as well as iPhones.

OrderPin Cloud POS is a versatile and comprehensive restaurant Point of Sale (POS) solution tailored for various types of businesses. The comprehensive OrderPin system suites include the OrderPin POS App, OrderPin kiosk, OrderPin Kitchen Display system, OrderPin Customer Display system.

OrderPin is charged by the subscription model. One subscription license can be applied only to a single physical restaurant location. And the OrderPin system license supports to be subscribed yearly or monthly.

Except for the license fee, there are no more extra charges to use the whole features of the OrderPin system and the new future-developed features.

Besides the smart devices running the OrderPin system, you may need some receipt printers, cash drawers, screens, and so on optional devices by your personalized demands. Most of the hardware devices are integrated smoothly with the OrderPin system.

The Backoffice web portal is a cloud-based platform that stores and allows remote monitoring of all your POS System data records.
In short, the backoffice web portal is an all-in-one restaurant management panel. Through the Backoffice portal, you can access sales, inventory, customer summaries, and detailed reports that provide a comprehensive view of your business, and all the store settings can be done in the backoffice.

OrderPin support to create a customized web App for your restaurants. Build your online brand presence and increase sales, customer experience, and loyalty. With Customer App, the online marketing power of your restaurant’s business will be released fully.

There is no limit to employee account quantity for one restaurant location. You can create multiple employee account roles according to your real situation and assign roles to no limited accounts as many as you need.

OrderPin kitchen display screen system integrated with OrderPin POS enables you to conveniently view and manage all customer orders directly through the KDS app.
With the KDS, you have a centralized platform to monitor and process orders efficiently. The intuitive display allows you to access and complete orders seamlessly, eliminating the need for manual tracking or paper-based systems. By utilizing the KDS, you can streamline your kitchen operations, enhance order accuracy, and ensure timely preparation and delivery of meals.

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