A better way for customers to order & pay

Increase sales, improve customer experience, and optimize your restaurant’s dining service.

QR Ordering

One-stop ordering payment solution to boom your sales with efficiency and convenience.

Table-side Ordering

Take orders and process payments directly at the table! Provide a convenient and efficient dining experience for both customers and staff.

Kiosk Ordering

OrderPin Kiosk,a cost-effective and efficient way to streamline the ordering process and improve the customer experience.By offering self-service ordering,you can reduce wait times,improve accuracy,and increase sales.

Online Ordering

Attract more customers online with lower transaction fees

Counter Ordering

counter ordering provides customers with a more convenient and efficient dining experience while offering restaurants better order management and data analysis capabilities.

Food Delivery Aggregation

Order integrators help chain restaurants manage orders at multiple locations in a simple and streamlined fashion. 

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