Digitalize, revolutionize and innovate your restaurant with OrderPin's one-stop solution.

OrderPin is known as an all-in-one restaurant management tool for its comprehensive solutions and user-friendly interface. With OrderPin, restaurants can increase efficiency and raise revenue.

OrderPin Cloud POS

OrderPin Cloud POS offers comprehensive solutions for restaurants.

Order Taking

Multiple ports and ways to place orders, and send orders directly to the kitchen.

One-click upload, convenient modification, multi-store synchronization.

Manage tables and seats with a visual table layout.

Manage staff by access control, performance monitoring, and working hours tracking.

Track stock inventory levels, and monitor food costs.

Record customer information, consumption records, and preferences to provide a personalized experience.

Generate real-time sales reports and analyze operational data to make informed business decisions.

Accept credit cards, cash, mobile payments, and other payment methods.

Chain Store Management

OderPin provides a comprehensive solution for chain restaurants while ensuring seamless connection of information between branches, facilitating joint marketing and business collaboration.

Report Management

Headquarters can simultaneously view the operational status of multiple outlets, enabling comprehensive business analysis.

Headquarters can monitor the inventory status of each branch and easily generate transfer requests to replenish stock, ensuring optimal inventory levels.

Headquarters can effortlessly modify menus across all branches with a single click, facilitating quick deployment of menus for new branches.

Member information across all branches is seamlessly integrated, fostering enhanced collaboration for joint marketing efforts.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Streamline your restaurant’s order flow and optimize kitchen staff performance with OrderPin’s Kitchen Display System (KDS).

Ordering Dashboard

Take it a step further and optimize your delivery operations and customer experience with OrderPin’s ordering dashboard.

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