Benefit from a label POS

Control the Pricing Power: With your own branded POS, you get the power to price. Based on the rich functionality of the products, your sales and service capabilities determine the upper limit of the price, rather than controlled by the product developer. the game changed totally. 

Control the market budget: In the era of the Internet, it is necessary to rely on obtaining sales leads from online advertising. With your own branded POS, you can take all the returns of your marketing activities and efforts. Make your marketing budget more based on returns and more flexible.
 Cost Saving: Take OrderPin POS as an example, Orderpin has invested 800+ person months of manpower to develop a fully functional product. Through the white-label cooperation model, you can share this achievement with a very low investment. Meanwhile, you can get continuous cloud service and continuous free access to newly developed features in the future.
Build your Channel: With the expansion of your user base and influence increase your brand. You can even establish your distribution network for your brand, to gain a larger market share and revenue.

White-label POS in the cloud era

Online Payment, Online food delivery, Online ordering, Customer self-ordering KIOSK…. more and more forces-driven cloud POS has more advantages, cloud-based POS become an unstoppable trend globally.

Cloud POS makes remote services more convenient to decrease your service cost, allowing you to increase revenue by shifting the software from one-time charging to charging based on usage and subscription, and even receiving commission on merchant transactions, optimizing the business model of POS brands.

A POS brand recognizes this trend earlier and adapts it more quickly, it is more likely to win in the fierce market competition.

However the workload of developing a full-function comprehensive POS is much larger than developing a traditional POS, some small outsourcing software studios can’t afford it and they can only deliver a POS with basic functions. Meanwhile, the deployment of clouds is expensive especially if a highly stable and highly reliable cloud is chosen.

So, in the cloud POS era, only a few reliable white-label POS suppliers exist in the market, and it is difficult for POS brands to make choices.

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