Tips For Choosing A POS System For Small Business

People who do business in the F&B industry must be familiar with the POS system. Surely you want to use a POS system to facilitate operations in your restaurant? Choosing a POS system requires a lot of considerations, ranging from price, and features, to the level of effectiveness. This article has summarized some tips for choosing a POS system that is suitable for you, let’s take a look.

1. Understand What Your Restaurant Needs

here are many features in a POS that you can use. If you have a relatively small business, there may not be many features that you will need but only basic features, such as inputting orders, check ing out , o rder ing payment, or giving order discounts and sales reports You will get all these basic features in POS, with some being free and some being paid.
If you only need such basic features as the above, it is better for you to choose the free ones, so that you can allocate the saved funds for other purposes such as purchasing raw materials, renting a place, decorating, or for emergencies.

2. Test the POS System

Once you have decided to use the POS system, the second step is the trial phase. This stage is certainly to find out whether the POS will make it easier or more difficult to operate in your restaurant. Things you need to try such as inputting orders, completing orders or checkout to payment, giving discounts or deductions, and outputting sales reports. If these four things are not user-friendly or difficult to operate, it’s better to find another POS for you to try and consider.
Although s ome POS providers do not have a free trial service , there are many POS that can give you a free trial, usually for one week. Choose a POS that you can try for free and then compare it with other POS systems , and you can also ask your friends who are more experienced in POS for advice.

3. Test with Your Device

Not all POS systems can be used on any device, some even require you to purchase special devices such as cash drawers, printers, tablets, and so on , which are provided by the POS provider to use the POS system. This will certainly require you to spend more money , especially when you already have your own device. However, there are also POS systems that can be used on any device that you already have.
Before determining a POS system to use in your restaurant, it is better to try it first on the device you have. If it turns out that the device you have cannot be used to operate the POS, it is better for you to look for another POS system that can be used on the device you already have. You can also consult with the POS provider regarding the devices that can be used and those that cannot be used.

4. Customer Service

Good POS system providers are those who are willing to take responsibility for any problems or difficulties that their users face . After-sales of a POS system provider company is important because not everyone understands how to operate the system they once offer ed This is not to say that after people buy a POS system, they are left alone, but the POS system provider must continue to help and answer all the confusion of users.
As a person who is about to start a restaurant business, there must be much confusion bout the POS operational system. Therefore, the POS system provider must be prepared to help users whenever they come across operational problems.

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