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From Michelin restaurants to hundreds of outlets chain brands are using OrderPin!






Daily Orders

Whether you looking for a POS brand and to be its dealer, find KIOSK ordering or online ordering solutions, or even customize your own brand’s POS, Orderpin is your suitable partner.

Digital Ordering, POS, and CRM solutions

influence cost and revenue, which are the keys to a restaurant’s success.

Your restaurant can go strong when you use the latest tech. More customers, more orders, more efficiency. OrderPin does it all.

Omni Ordering

Table, Online, QR code, self-service Kiosk: One system for omni ordering, tailoring the best model to fit your service type. This helps restaurants increase order size while reducing costs.

Cloud POS Products

Cloud POS

OrderPin Cloud POS system seamlessly integrates with payment, food delivery platforms, and online marketing systems, providing flexible and unlimited hardware access to streamline operations and connect all data nodes.

Customer Management

Branded App empowers merchants to build stronger connections with customers by offering online point cards, membership cards, and coupons at no cost. We specialize in creatively developing a Branded App for merchants at an incredible cost.

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