Well Developed Product

  1. Well-developed product: with rich features and user-friendly UI, A POS used from Michelin restaurants to Chain brands with 100+ branches.

Rich Localiz Experience

  1.  Rich localization experience: integrated payment gateway: Stripe, First Data, Ezetap, GHL, SumUp….; integrated delivery platform: Grab food, Shopee food, Uber Eats, DoorDash…;

High-Reliabilty Server

  1. High-reliability server resources: The server is very important to a SAAS product, We use Amazon’s AWS cloud service, which is fast, stable, reliable, and high concurrency;
  1. Hardware adapter: It has been adapted to a wide range of hardware brands, and also has selected hardware partners, which can provide you with unified white-label services from hardware to software if you need them;
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