Seven Advantages of White label Cloud POS Software


White label Cloud POS software allows you to personalize the software and hardware beyond simply printing your logo, control your costs, pricing, and add an additional product to your business. It can also help you start your business from sales and work your way up from there.

There are many advantages to utilizing our white label Cloud POS software for your customers. They include:

1. Brand Recognition

Personalization is the most essential aspect of white label Cloud POS . Naturally, you want to be able to promote your brand. With white label Cloud POS   software, personalization options are not limited to simply printing your logo on both software and hardware. 


2. Save Money And Time

Most companies simply do not possess an in-house professional workforce capable of developing a cloud based POS system from the ground up. You could spend a great deal of time and a significant amount of money creating your own platform to discover that it is still not ready to market to your customers even after many development cycles.

orderpin Cloud Pos Software

Orderpin’s white label Cloud POS software allows you to hold fast to the reins of controlling your costs from start to finish with.


3. Control Pricing

Cloud POS brand vendors rarely allow you to influence, much less control, the pricing of POS software. This is not the situation with our white label Cloud POS software.

Once you have the power to control the pricing, you can ensure your profit.


4. Secondary Revenue Stream

Taking ownership of your product gives you greater power over the revenue streams of your business. White labelling allows you to cost-effectively and quickly add an additional product to your business.

For example, build your own dealer network, let others help you generate income, and expand your brand’s influence in the market.


5. Easy Startup

Growing a business from the ground up can be a considerable challenge, especially if you are going it alone. There is simply too much to prepare. Marketing sales, customer service, management, logistics, purchasing, and technology — the list is endless.

What if you could simply start your business from sales and work your way up from there? A white label Cloud POS   software system can allow you to do just that.


6. Customer Retention

It is very important to serve old customers well and provide them with good technical support services when they need them. This can better help your customers succeed. They are also more likely to renew after 12 months, and an increase in the renewal rate can help your user base snowball.


7. All The Focus On Your Business

Competition in most POS markets is very fierce, and strong sales capabilities and good service capabilities are the keys to dealers’ success. With our powerful product and development support, you can focus on sales and service, giving you greater competitiveness in the market.


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