Cloud POS era: white label or self-developed?

With the popularity of mobile payment, the rise of takeout platforms, Internet ordering, and Internet marketing, traditional POS has become increasingly difficult to meet the needs of catering merchants. POS based on cloud technology is needed to help merchants connect orders, payments, and user data to the Internet in a timely manner. Adaptation needs.

However, the development of cloud POS and the deployment of servers require a lot of resources and manpower investment. The cloud POS brands on the market are controlled by large companies, such as Toast, Clover, Square, etc. Some of them sell products directly to merchants, and some Tough conditions for dealers, either way, they take most of the profits.

If you can continue to obtain white-label POS in the cloud POS era, then as a brand owner, you will receive the following benefits:

Save development costs. In addition to leveraging the years of development and bug fixes that have gone into the product, as well as the cost of hiring and training developers, white label developers allow you to continue releasing new improvements and features while you focus on sales and business growth.

Time to market is significantly reduced. Building your own solution can take years to bring to market, whereas using a white-label supplier can have a fully-fledged product under your own brand within 1-2 weeks.

Set your own price point. With white label products, you can set your price where it makes the most sense for your business. When you sell someone else’s branded product, they can usually find the price online, so your options are limited; white labeling eliminates this challenge.

You have more control over the product portfolio your brand represents. Some third-party POS system providers who have partnered with resellers in the past are ending the practice of selling directly to businesses online. Many industry experts predict that within the next decade, many POS system manufacturers will stop supplying products to dealers. By building a brand with your customers, you can control the product mix under the brand and make the changes you deem necessary to retain your customers.

Increase customer loyalty. You do all the work of finding and converting customers. There is no reason to lose them to another company. When you build value and strength into your brand, they have fewer reasons to leave you.

Before the emergence of cloud POS, traditional POS had a large number of white label cooperation models. In the era of cloud POS, the increase in cloud POS development and server costs has greatly raised the threshold for white label cloud POS suppliers.

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