Why Is There No Shortage Of Labor In Other Restaurants?

As a restaurant manager, you should not only manage service, sales, kitchen but more importantly, the team. Therefore, as a manager, you should first recognize your employees and stimulate the enthusiasm of different types of employees.

There are three categories of employees, with different management methods and consistent attitudes.
If you ask any manager: What kind of employees do you like? Most of them will answer “Excellent employees.” This is common sense, but it is also a problem. How do excellent employees grow? Are they born “excellent”? Of course not. Excellent employees come from passionate employees. So, the focus is on how to stimulate everyone’s passion for work.
Generally speaking, employees are divided into three categories: candidates, ordinary employees, and excellent employees. Many people have a misunderstanding: as new employees, these candidates are not passionate. In fact, they are passionate, but their passion is very small. In retrospect, when an applicant goes to the restaurant to apply, the first question he will ask is regarding salary. With high wages and good accommodation conditions, there must be a passion for being a candidate. However, when the new employee joins the company and found that the work is harder than he expected, and other employees rarely communicate with them because of their ignorance towards them, they would feel that the environment is not good. In some stores, the situation of quitting within a week will account for 50%, and some countermeasures are needed by managers.
  • Training: Four-step training for new employees one-on-one training.
  • Timely care: The person in charge of regional operations should care about new employees every day.
  • Meal companion: The chef will specially cook a dish for the new employee. The front office manager will accompany the new employee to eat and care about them: How are you today? Do your feet hurt? We will prepare a bag of salt for you to soak your feet when you go back to the dormitory. These actions will make employees feel welcome.
  • Regularization ceremony: Frontline employees become regular employees for a month, and they need to change cards and cooperate with background music at the pre-class meeting. The purpose of this is to give newcomers a sense of ritual and make them feel the importance of the restaurant to them.
Problematic employees are characterized by the fact that they usually take the lead in making trouble and have small groups. How to deal with them? Suppression or expulsion? In fact, if the stores are all obedient employees, they often lack vitality. There are also two categories of problematic employees. The first one is that they have no ability and have negative energy, which is definitely not useful. The second one is they are capable but unruly. There are ways to confront these types of employees.
For example, talk to these employees. The heart-to-heart talk I’m talking about here is not a way like “Come to my office and let’s talk”, but choose to start with trivial things in life, talking with them and then being close to them. The focus of this kind of method is to enable them to “accept” management, rather than simply and rudely prove that their work attitude is problematic.
No matter what kind of employees they manage, managers should be sincere, so as to achieve the desired management effect.
Face up to yourself and stimulate team enthusiasm
In the process of managing the team, you, as a manager, should first “stand up” for yourself, that is, to correctly understand the role you should play in the team. Because what managers should do is mobilize the team and make every team member an excellent person, rather than cashing as a cashier or cooking like a chef.
So, let me talk about how to motivate employees.
1. Unite as one and into people’s hearts
To do this, managers must and can’t do the following four things:
Can’t do: Small group behavior with employees. This will make the store loose sand. The focus of employees will become intrigued. Don’t favor employees who are working with other management staff. If you think the manager is wrong, you can’t correct them in front of the other employees.
Can’t say: You can’t gossip about other management groups in front of employees. You can’t gossip about other management groups in front of the other management group. It is important to have a united management team.
Must do: Informal communication, and don’t use very formal communication with front-line employees, such as “Come to my office”.
Must be said: a unified slogan and a true idea in the heart. As long as you are sincere to others, your employees will cooperate with you.
2. A trusting and happy atmosphere
First of all, let employees do what they want to do.
In fact, for employee management or stimulating team enthusiasm, the atmosphere impact is more direct and faster than training, so managers, especially store managers, must face work and employees with a positive and pleasant attitude, associate others with themselves, and drive team members to become as passionate people as themselves!
How to get along well with employees is a must-learn lesson for every restaurant owner or manager. Through the above methods, the relationship between employees and you can be strengthened, and your restaurant will not be prone to a shortage of employees, then your business will be prosperous.

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