How To Formulate A Restaurant Management Plan?

As a restaurant owner, you might be wondering, How to formulate an effective restaurant management plan? Here are several aspects you need to think about while making a restaurant management plan, let’s have a look!


1. Market Positioning


A restaurant can only meet the needs of a part of its customers. It must analyze its own ability and conditions, analyze the competitors in the local market that threaten the restaurant’s products, and carefully determine which class the restaurant’s customer-dominant group is.


2. Decoration

The floor-to-ceiling glass is used in the aisle position to achieve an unobstructed view of the garden in the middle of the floor. The design should be minimalistic and use bright storefronts to attract customers. The environment and lighting match the colors of the tables and chairs, and light music is played during business hours, giving people a warm feeling. Some newspapers and magazines are prepared in the store to make the guests feel very comfortable before and after the meal. Highlight the elegant atmosphere, create a quiet environment, and achieve a leisure effect. With an open kitchen, customers can see the operation of the food. All tableware is disposable or placed in a bright place with a sterilization cabinet. A good dining environment and atmosphere can also attract guests to come to your establishment, not to mention the whole, even if there is a style in the design of each private room, it will make guests feel pleased and refreshed every time they come to dine.



3. Staff


Without first-class employees, there will be no first-class service; without satisfied employees, there will be no satisfied customers. Set up the work philosophy of “customer satisfaction as the first responsibility”, consider and serve customers in an all-around way, and lay a good business foundation from ideological construction. Staff uniformly dress, and appear clean and hygienic, so that customers can rest assured to eat. If the customer has any needs, the waiter must be there as soon as they call, and will immediately serve a cup of free hot tea when they enter the store.


The success of the restaurant business, after the hardware has become a foregone conclusion, depends on the management. After the restaurant has determined its own business positioning and venue layout, it should organize personnel at all levels to implement it. How to make the restaurant operate? This is a matter of employing people. The first thing to do is to formulate an employment plan, select, and use the personnel in each post with a purpose.


4. Operation


The operation of the catering industry generally has the following six indicators, namely: operating income, direct operating costs, manpower, human resources costs, energy costs, and equipment maintenance costs. Whether the restaurant operation is profitable or not depends on the performance produced by managers’ management of the six aspects. A good business operation plan is an important key to the success of catering.Restaurant innovation should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of customers, fully solicit the opinions of customers, and listen to various feedbacks. For old customers, you should take the initiative to seek suggestions for improvement and improve work in a timely manner, so that they can constantly experience new services and new changes, and enhance their loyalty to products. For new customers, it is necessary to strengthen the publicity of the restaurant’s functional characteristics and highlight the differences from other restaurants. To retain customers, there must be changes, innovations, and breakthroughs.


5. Management


The catering business has many business links, strong randomness, and a large proportion of manual operations, which can cause management to be very difficult. Management guarantees operation and operation promotes management. To achieve this effect, the following points must be noted:
Ensuring the quality of service and dishes is the core of every manager’s work, and the quality of service reflects the level of management of a restaurant. Management is a group culture. Only by fully mobilizing employees to actively participate in the management and enhancing cohesion can we achieve the realm of “good management”. The management of employees is a complex and difficult thing. Experienced and flexible managers know how to improve the quality of employees and how to strengthen the cohesion of employees.


6. Advertising


Before opening: Advertisements are placed on the exterior walls, passages, elevators, and prominent positions in Walmart supermarkets. The ad content is simple, eye-catching, and easy to remember.
10 days before the opening, the flyers should be printed and distributed to areas with high traffic in downtown (the content can be the opening reward and discounted meals). You could hire part-timers to help.


7. Sales

Gifts or coupons: The restaurant can make and give away small handicrafts so that customers can feel that in addition to enjoying the multi-level atmosphere, they can also receive lovely gifts. This will not only play a publicity role but also improve the grade of the restaurant. In terms of distribution, the value of gifts can be determined according to the level of consumption.
The kitchen can introduce some special dishes every week or month according to the season to attract or stimulate the consumption of customers.
Establish and collect customer source personnel files: such as guests’ birthdays and contact information and then, send SMS wishes and restaurant discount information in advance on guest birthdays, and then send congratulatory letters in advance to strengthen contact with diners, so that we have s stable group of customer.



Operating an F&B business requires overall planning, decision-making, strategies, and skills, which can be a complex and comprehensive system. Therefore, in the business process, as an operator, first of all, you should pay attention to your own learning, secondly, you should be good at summarizing in practice, and you should also pay attention to the methods and skills of your competitors.



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