Why There Is No Order In My Online Store?

When you open the GrabFood app to order food, the first thing that catches your eye is the logo and store name of each store. It is no exaggeration to say that there is at least a 60% importance on the store’s name and logo in affecting the user’s decision to place an order.

A good logo and store name can allow customers to quickly see you, find you, pay attention to you, and remember you.
So how to design a super eye-catching store logo and store name? Let’s learn about it together!
Let’s talk about the logo and store name separately. First, let’s look at how to design an eye-catching takeaway store logo in four steps.

4 steps to quickly design a takeaway shop logo

The logo design of a takeaway store is divided into two parts: the main logo + the sub-logo.
Step 1: determine the main title
Please remember this formula: main title = brand name. The main title is our core element, the font should be centered and eye-catching, and the design should be beautiful.
Step 2: determine the subtitle
The subtitle is to put the point of interest or the main product. For example, SUKIYA, the main product of DQ has a delivery fee that starts from RM0 including the benefits. We can regularly change the benefits and the main products in the LOGO according to the needs of the scene.
Step 3: optimize the colour layout
Colours have their own tonality; cool-toned colours are calm and quiet, while warm-toned colours make people feel warm and lively. Similarly, in designing the logo of takeaway merchants, colour-matching issues also need to be considered.
In the catering industry, the most commonly used takeaway logo colours are white, red, yellow, or of the same colour. If you want to stimulate users to click to buy, give priority to the red colour. Because red can stimulate people’s shopping desire.
Step 4: check for deficiencies and avoid pits
Finally, we would like to give you a few pitfalls or attention points that need to be avoided in designing logos:
1. In terms of colour matching, try not to exceed 3 colour. There should only be a difference in colour between the font and the background colour to highlight the text.
2. The logo design should not be too complicated. When users quickly browse the pages of the food ordering platform, the average stay time in each store is only 0.2 seconds. It is impossible for them to see clearly what is written in the logo in such a short time.
3. After finishing, you can ask your friends for their opinions, and you must not fall into your own personal preferences.
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A good store name can attract customers by itself

Moving on from the store logo, let’s take a look at how to design a takeaway store name, which is the most troublesome thing for new store owners.
1. A good store name has these three characteristics
So, for takeaway store owners, what kind of store name can stay in the consumers’ minds? What are the characteristics of a good store name?
It can be judged from the following angles:
1) easy to read
When seeing the name, consumers can pronounce it clearly and accurately on the first try.
2) The idea is novel and unique, rich in connotation
When pursuing innovation, it can attract more attention, but remember not to pursue innovation blindly.
2. Four principles for naming takeaway shops
Therefore, if you want to choose a good name that is satisfactory, you should follow the following 4 principles.
1) The name of the store should revolve around the products it operates
As the image representative of a store, the name of the store must match the products it sells, so that users can identify the business scope of the store in a short time.
In particular, it should be noted that on the GrabFood app, store names with keywords can greatly increase the probability of the store being searched by users.
Business owners with experience in online shopping can easily understand that when we search for products when shopping on Grabfood, we often habitually input the name or category of the food we want to search for directly, such as “noodles”, “meat pie”, ” Curry”, etc.
If your store name directly contains these keywords, it can be easily searched by users
Therefore, when naming a takeaway store, it is necessary to give full consideration to the products it operates and even add its main products to the store name.
2) Eye-catching and unique
In the highly competitive catering market, if a small takeaway store wants to stand out, it must work hard on its name so that consumers can easily understand the independent taste and style of your store. In this way, not only does it clearly show the products that you operate, but you also skillfully use the profoundness of language and characters and apply homophonic characters to the store name, giving people a striking and unique feeling.
3) Relevant specifications for store names
The GrabFood store name is the basic information that must be filled in when applying for the store opening. Among the restaurants that apply to open a store every day, many restaurants fail to fill in the store name because of irregularities.
For specific naming rules, you can view them through the GrabFood rule center.
If the name is not correct, the words will not be right; if the words are not right, the language will not be clear.” For takeaway restaurants, the name is the most direct sign of the restaurant, and it is also an important factor affecting the conversion rate of the takeaway business into the store. Therefore, you must pay more attention to the design of the store name. Choosing a good store name input a huge profit for the restaurant.
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