Choosing Takeaway Packaging: Four Tips To Improve Your Restaurant’s Performance!

Nowadays, consumer demand for takeaway packaging is increasing. A properly packaged takeaway is more competitive in the marketplace, deepening consumers’ impressions and encouraging them to buy again.

1. What is takeaway packaging?

Takeaway packaging can be broadly divided into three parts: meal boxes, tableware, and packaging bags.
Among them, meal boxes and tableware are in direct contact with food and need to meet the relevant standards of food safety. Therefore, restaurants must choose takeaway packaging that meets food safety standards.
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2. What should a restaurant avoid when choosing packages?

Firstly, in the form of packaging, restaurants should avoid over-packaging, with no more than two layers of packaging; secondly, to avoid excessive packaging costs, which, as a rule, the cost of takeaway packaging of a restaurant should not exceed 20% of the total cost.

3. How to choose the right takeaway packaging?

(1) Resistant to damage, distortion, leakage, and some specific types of takeaway packaging should also have thermal insulation properties. The basic requirement for customers is that the food they receive can be intact, and if a takeaway package can’t do this, there’s no point in looking premium.
(2) Once the above basic requirements are met, restaurants can enhance customer experience according to budget. The cost of the packaging must correspond to the unit price of the dish. If this is a large order, the restaurant cannot save on packaging; if the restaurant chooses a profitable delivery route and the customer places an order for a dish that costs a small unit price, the takeaway packaging should be simple and practical, without adding too many decorative items.
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(3) Pay attention to the size of the meal box. A delivery dish should fill up more than 2/3 of the meal box. If too much is filled, the dishes tend to overflow; if too little is filled, the dishes seem inadequate. Therefore, dishes only have a good visual effect when they are filled to 2/3 of the meal box.
(4) Try to use something other than specially shaped-takeaway packaging. Although these types of lunch boxes have a high visual value, they take up a lot of space and tend to deform during the delivery process. Therefore, round and square boxes are the most practical and safe for restaurants with no sales team.

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