White Label POS Partner

How to choose a white label POS partner?

A CEO with 25 years of experience in the POS industry said: “Choosing a partner is more important than choosing a product,  Choosing a partner is more important than than getting a good price!”


“If there are some features that need to be developed,  if there are some problems that need to be resolved, As long as you have a good partner, you can solve the problem together. Only with a good partner can you succeed together, like husband and wife!”

The trend of small and medium-sized restaurants switching from traditional POS to cloud POS, just like in the personal consumer field, people have switched from traditional mobile phones to Internet-connected smartphones, which is an unstoppable trend.


For ISOs(Independent Sales Organizations) that already have a certain number of merchants and merchant service capabilities, if they can have a competitive POS product in the cloud POS era, they can market it with their own brand and seize the opportunity of the market migration from traditional POS to cloud POS and get rich returns.

choose a white label POS partner

However, using your own brand to promote POS products to merchants requires huge marketing costs. Products and services must gain the trust of merchants to accumulate brand reputation. In addition, cooperation with ISV(Independent Software Vendor)  under the white label model is a long process. Once a partner is established, it is very troublesome to change.


Therefore, Just like you need to know your significant other thoroughly before deciding to get married. Before confirming the white-label POS partner, you must spend enough time to obtain sufficient information, and inspect and understand your ISV (independent software provider) partner from multiple aspects such as team, products, and services:

White label POS Team

1.Technical capabilities

A good software starts with a good software architecture design. Only experienced architects can do a good job of design. Understand the background of your ISV’s core technical team.


2.Team size

To develop a mature cloud POS, need architects, back-end, front-end, Android/IOS/Web and other engineers with different technology stacks. You need a certain size of technical team to do it well. And the larger the team size, the faster the subsequent development of new features.


3.Smooth communication

It takes at least a few months from establishing contact to establishing cooperation. During these periods, if you can communicate smoothly with your potential partner’s team and trust each other, you will have a better foundation for cooperation in the future.


White label POS Products

1.Feature Rich

POS software is a very flexible product. Some small software studios will launch their products to the market after the software has menu, order, and checkout functions only. However Rich reports, online ordering, inventory management, member management… are also important.



It is the most basic requirement for POS software to have local languages. This does not seem to be a problem in English-speaking countries, but in fact, waiters and kitchen staff in restaurants do not necessarily speak English. If the POS software can support the languages of local ethnic minorities, your customers will definitely like this software more.


3.Third-party integration

food delivery integration, payment integration, financial software docking, etc.


4.Special requirements

such as Tips, supporting different local tax rates, or supporting electronic invoices, are all essential functions for your software to enter the market.


5.Product stability

POS must be stable and reliable, This is the basis for satisfying your customers. Otherwise, your customer service phone will be overwhelmed, and you will need to spend a lot of time to appease them, and bear the huge losses of merchants leaving. Make sure that the ISV’s product has been repeatedly tested, and it is best that hundreds or thousands of merchants have used it for several years.

White label POS Services

1.Onboarding training

Under the white-label cooperation model, ISVs generally provide training to the customer service personnel of the white-label owner, and these trained service personnel then provide services to merchants. In addition to extensive online and face-to-face training, ISVs must also provide question & answer banks and high-quality documents.

2.Service tools

In addition to the POS product itself, if ISVs can also provide supporting tools for managing merchants and sub-distributors, as well as problem location tools for cloud POS problems, you will definitely be able to serve your merchants with more efficiency in the future.

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