New Feature 2024.3.29

1. Table Pax

Step: Setting > Order Settings> In store orders> Fill in the number of people at the table> Turn on the “Status” button

After enabling this function, it will pop out a window to fill in the number of pax after you click the table to order. This is to let you know how many customers you serve today and how much each table spends on their foods.

Order by pax

  1. A new added button to switch the items that order by individual
  2. It will show the items that are ordered by individual, so that if customers would like to split the bill, they can choose to only pay for each individual.

Check out by pax

When check out, you can click if the customer would like to divide the amount based on the number of pax, or you can click split by seat if the customer wants to pay for what they ordered for the individual.

2. KDS

Step:Setting > Hardware > KDS

a) KDS Feature can be enable from the page

b) Input the device name

c) Download the KDS apps from google play store to be linked to the display screen, and code required to be input when open the KDS apps.

KDS view


Step: Settings> CDS> Add CDS

a) KDS Feature can be enable from the page

b) Input the device name and connect method, thus turn off the Display order information and click save.

CDS view

4. Long Press Shortcut

You can long press to come out the shortcut for generating and printing new temporary codes, clear temporary codes and quick checkout.

5. Birthday Voucher (Mini Program)

Step:Operation Center > Marketing Management > Marketing Activities > Create Activity

  1. Birthday voucher can be created from the page following the step

  1. Choose the preset coupon to be linked to the voucher, and select the end time, issue date and if the coupon can be extended.

6. Random Voucher

Operation Center > Marketing Management > Voucher > Voucher Record > Send Voucher

  1. Once random voucher has been created, when customer login to Mini Program, it will pop up a lucky draw windows for customer to randomly get a voucher.
  2. Merchants can insert the probability of getting the coupon and also choose multiple coupons too.