Things To Consider When Choosing POS For Restaurant

When starting a business, preparation is the first stage that must be done. Starting from the selection of projections, target customers, and location, to the grand opening.
After all the preparations are complete, the last thing to consider is choosing a POS system for your restaurant. For those who are just starting out in the F&B world, the POS system might sound unfamiliar to them. Reporting from Sekawan Media, POS or Point of Sale system is a system used in the needs of various business ventures to be able to facilitate the process of buying and selling quickly, safely, and systematically. Simply put, a POS system is a cashier system.
In Indonesia, there are many POS system provider companies that have their respective advantages, so this time Yummy Advisor will help you with what should pay attention to in choosing a POS system to facilitate your business operations.

1. Price

For those who are new to the F&B business and have no previous experience, it is no doubt that you don’t want to invest a lot in things that you don’t understand in detail such as POS systems.
There are many POS systems that offer a variety of features ranging from free to reasonably fantastic prices. Generally, the main purpose of a POS system is to record sales, and therefore, if you have not yet required complex needs, you can simply use a POS system with minimal features for free.

2. Hardware Integration

Of course, you don’t want to charge for a POS system, but it turns out that the system you use is not compatible with the devices you already have such as printers and cash drawers. If this happens, you are forced to buy a new device that can be used with your cashier system and this certainly costs a considerable amount of extra money.
Therefore, before choosing a POS system, make sure whether the system you choose is suitable for use with the devices you already have, and you can find out first the minimum OS or IOS to be able to use the cashier system.

3. Features

Each POS system must have its own advantages for the features offered. Here Yummy Advisor summarizes some of the features that must be included in every POS system:

a. Raw Material Management

One of the most important features of a POS system is raw material management. Many restaurants spend time just counting the remaining raw materials available. However, with an automated raw material management system in your POS, you no longer need to waste your time manually counting the remaining raw materials. For example, the ingredient management system can automatically notify you that a dish cannot be processed due to an ingredient shortage.

b. Cloud-based Storage Technology

If you use a POS system equipped with cloud storage technology, your data will be stored on the server and will certainly minimize the possibility of losing data when there is a disorder in the network or of the POS system. Furthermore, accessibility also becomes one of the added values for cloud technology because you can view all your data directly anywhere and anytime using only your mobile phone.

c. Online Order Integration

A good POS system is one that can integrate many online delivery platforms into one system, so you can receive online orders using only one device and the process is more efficient.

d. Complete Report

Being able to provide complete reports is also one of the features that must be present in a POS system. You can use the reports to analyze sales, operational costs and maximize menu prices, and so on.

e. QR Ordering

QR ordering system is not a new thing anymore and many restaurants are already using this to improve their operational efficiency and even to improve customer experience. Of course, the QR ordering will speed up the ordering process in restaurants without the need for waiters to wait and record customer orders.

4. Easy to Use

The next consideration is whether the POS system you are going to use is easy to operate or is it difficult and confusing. The main purpose of using a POS system is to make operations in your restaurant more effective and efficient, but if the POS system is difficult to operate, wouldn’t it slow down operations in your restaurant?
By easy to use, Yummy Advisor here means that to achieve one goal, you don’t have to go around in circles or take many steps to get there.

5. Customer Service

Good POS system providers are those who are willing to take responsibility for any problems or difficulties their users face. After-sales of a POS system is important because not everyone understands how to operate the system. This is not to say that after people buy a POS system, they are left alone, the POS system provider must continue to help and answer all the confusion of users.


A good POS system should be designed to be simple and easy to use so that employees, managers, and restaurant owners can quickly understand how the system works. A POS system should make operations in your restaurant easier, not harder.
When you get the right POS system, you can run your business more smoothly and efficiently. Whereas if you choose the wrong POS system, it will potentially hamper your restaurant operations.
OrderPin is a zero-investment cloud POS with various features such as ordering system integration, business reports, QR ordering, ingredient management, split bill, and many more to fulfill all your restaurant needs and can be used on various devices that you have simultaneously. In addition, OrderPin now can also be used for free by anyone. Therefore, OrderPin will be an ideal choice for business owners who want to start their business in the F&B business.


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